Liquid Sheep Fat – XL Bully, American Bully, Bull Breed Dogs, Staffy, Dogs

Liquid sheep fat

Part of our Big Bully natural treats range, Liquid Sheep Fat is a natural food supplement for your dog that is available in a choice of two measures: 500ml or 1 litre.

Containing vitamin E and F, this food supplement is ideal for keeping your dog’s skin and coat in good health.

For dogs, fat is energy, so at 840Kcal per 100g, sheep fat can also provide a good source of energy for working and sporting dogs.

Sheep Fat is beneficial to digestion and can help when upset stomach strikes too. This also makes it a great food supplement for fussy eaters, but it should be used moderately to avoid obesity.

Note: All treats should be given to dogs while supervised and with fresh water always available.

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