The quality of our products and the nutrition within them is the foundation of why we started Big Bully Pet Supplies. We own and breed dogs ourselves and it’s incredibly tough to find high quality food and supplements that are made with the purpose of nutrition and health over low grade high production products. 

The protein used in our products come from farms and fisheries that we know and trust which ensures full traceability. This ensures that we create the most nutritious and highly palatable meats to be used in our foods.

All of our products are researched and made in a DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) approved lab and production facility where there are over 50 forms of legislation that govern the manufacturing of animal foods.

We are proud that our products meet the expectations and grade that is fit for human consumption. We certainly wouldn’t feed our dogs with foods we wouldn’t be safe eating ourselves. 

We are also the official food partner for the UKBKC (The UK Bully Kennel Club). We share the same passion for our dogs and our vision is equally aligned to raise the standard of bull breed dogs in the UK.

The UKBKC has the main priority of being able to assist with the wellbeing of bull breed dog breeds. Their code of ethics, passion for the breeds, and dedication to their welfare means that UKBKC pay specific attention to ethical breeding, and to encourage the principles of responsible breeding and dog ownership.