Big Bully Supplements Vit-Gains (60 servings)

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Our Vit-Gains supplenent is a combination of 18 vitamins and minerals to maximise your dog’s vitality!

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BIG BULLY SUPPLEMENTS VIT-GAINS is a combination of 18 Vitamins & Minerals to MAXIMIZE your Dogs Vitality!

This fantastic supplement will boost your dog’s health and immune system supporting growth and muscle development and improve your dog’s skin and coat.

​Many dog kibbles and raw diets are lacking sufficient vitamins and minerals – ensure your dog is getting the right amount of nutrients and see the difference in your dog’s vitality with Big Bully Supplements Vit-Gains formula.

Suitable from 12weeks


We only use human grade ingredients in our supplements.

Unlike most brands, we do not use brewer’s yeast or any other yeast product in our vitamin blend or in any of our products. Brewer’s yeast has been linked to bloating, gas and indigestion. Bloating is a serious health concern for dogs. Bloating and torsion of the stomach or intestines can lead to death in as little as six hours! 


Some of the benefits of adding BIG BULLY SUPPLEMENTS VIT-GAINS to your dog’s diet:

Linoleic acid:  the most important omega-6 fatty acid for dogs, aiding maintenance of healthy skin, coat and a healthy immune system. Since dogs’ bodies can’t produce linoleic acid on their own, it’s vital that linoleic acid is present in your dog’s daily nutrition.

Vitamin C: Stress is the best-known cause of vitamin C depletion in dogs. Physical stress comes in many forms: gestation, lactation, growth, hard work (dogs used for herding, hunting, tracking, etc.), vaccinations, injuries, or illness. Emotional stress, whether caused by relocation, weaning, or demanding training, can also deplete this reserve. In fact, researchers can measure the level of stress a dog experiences by measuring the degree of depletion of the vitamin in the dog’s blood.

Calcium and phosphorus: Both are essential minerals in canine diets. Calcium is a critical component of bone and cartilage, and it also plays a minor role in hormone transmission. Phosphorus is also a major component of bone.

Manganese: required for healthy, strong ligament development and maintenance. A dog’s manganese requirements are high, and food sources vary as to the amount of manganese they contain.

Poor quality processed dog food and raw diets don’t contain enough manganese. Many who home-prepare their dogs’ food, don’t believe in following recipes. Most RAW mistakenly assume that the variety of free range, organic meat, bone and organ blends, they feed their dogs, contain all the minerals they need.

Vitamin A: An essential vitamin for dogs, which means it, must be part of their diet in order for your dog to maintain optimal health. Skin, coat, muscles and nerves all require vitamin A for proper function.

Vitamin B12: important for many aspects of your dog’s health. Your dog needs B12 to maintain healthy digestion. It’s also needed for a healthy nervous system and brain function, as well as for the formation and growth of blood cells. 

Vitamin D3: is an essential part of your dog’s diet, muscle and nerves require vitamin D3 for proper function to regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus which supports bone health

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