Big Bully Pet Supplies raw dog food options


The Big Bully raw dog food range comes in two options. Both use the finest, freshly prepared minced meat in a wide range of flavours, and are frozen to lock in the goodness.

Pick and mix to make up your boxes in the two separate ranges:

"Sausage packs of Complete 80/10/10" raw dog food 

Single pack flavours that follow the Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding diet ratios: 80% meat, 10% organ meat and 10% bones. 


"COMPLETE 80/10/10"

"Pick & Mix" (30 - 56 packs)


"COMPLETE 80/10/10"
BOX 2 

"Pick & Mix" (80 - 112 packs)



 Bagged minced meat raw dog food

Bags of 3x 454g raw food pouches in a single flavour.
 Pick & Mix 8 - 14 bags
Pick & mix 21- 18 bags


"Pick & Mix" (8 - 14 bags)

8.5% discount  

 BOX 2 

"Pick & Mix" (21 - 28 bags)


  Important ordering information

Raw food orders are taken until 12pm Monday - Thursday.  These raw food frozen packs are delivered on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in order to avoid orders spoiling over the weekend.

Important delivery information
Big Bully raw food is dispatched in 24 hours and as a frozen product cannot be returned. See our returns policy for more information.


When you purchase Big Bully raw foods, you are responsible for accepting the delivery, either by ensuring you are available to receive the goods or by allocating a safe place for them to be delivered at your shipping address. The goods will be left and cannot be returned so please ENSURE YOU PROVIDE YOUR MOBILE NUMBER AT CHECKOUT so that the delivery details can be confirmed with you.

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